Adobe Substance 3D

Primer Columna
It's a suite of 3D design programs based on nodes to create textures, patterns, and materials. It features various tools in each of its applications and is divided into 6 specialized applications for three-dimensional modeling:

Substance 3D Modeler: Digital "clay" modeling in 3D on computers and VR.
Substance 3D Sampler: Converts photos into materials, 3D objects, and HDR environments. Editable in Photoshop.
Substance 3D Designer: Creates materials, patterns, ambient lighting, and MDL materials with shading.
Substance 3D Painter: Painting for 3D models, with textures, advanced brushes, and smart materials.
Substance 3D Stager: Helps assemble the scene of the models, akin to a photo shoot. Useful for presentations.
Substance 3D Assets: Pre-created materials, lights, and models to avoid starting from scratch.

Application in education
It allows for creating models from scratch or starting from prefabricated bases. This facilitates the use by students with different skill levels for the creation of projects requiring 3D modeling. It also enables the use of painting, patterns, textures, lighting, VR, and complementary objects to finely stylize the final product.
  • 3D modeling and VR
  • Creating 3D models
  • Easy access
  • Detailed modeling
  • Precise modeling
  • Unique patterns, textures, painting, and lighting

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Arquitectura Diseño y Arte
Arquitectura, Arte y Diseño
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