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Agora provides the building blocks to enable a wide range of real-time participation possibilities. With Agora you can embed vivid voice and video into any application, on any device, anywhere.

AGORA features the services of:
Voice Calling
Video Calling
Real-time messaging
Application in education
Agora fully integrates audio, video, broadcast communication from your own desktop or web application into low latency video and can deliver live interactive streaming to thousands of people on a single channel, delivering meaningful user engagement experiences in real time.
  • Enables deep customization of video streams and presentation styles, as well as seamless integration with third-party SDKs, including stickers, facial recognition and background segmentation
  • It makes calls fun and engaging with a variety of voice effects.
  • Agora will automatically detect which users are talking, allowing you to highlight them in your interface.
  • Provides cloud recording in 30 minutes with the RESTful API
  • Calls are encrypted end-to-end, allowing for complete privacy and security.
  • La sala de chat en la aplicación ofrece regalos virtuales, administración de canales y más para la experiencia de transmisión más atractiva.
  • Real-time usage statistics to ensure good user experiences
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Información de la herramienta

Type of technologies
Apps Plataforma Software Web
Android iOS MAC OS Windows
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