PASCO CapStone

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CapStone is software designed to handle large data sets, high-speed sampling and customized preferences to meet your lab's needs. A simple user interface is accessible for beginners, but CapStone offers all the necessary capabilities for even the most advanced users.
Application in education
PASCO CapStone is an ideal tool for science courses such as physics, chemistry and biology, where data analysis is critical. Students can use CapStone to manage large experimental data sets, perform high-speed sampling and customize their visualization preferences, and the user interface, which is simple for beginners but robust for advanced users, allows students to focus on learning and interpreting data without feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of the software.
  • Create customized pages with embedded instructions, videos and data visualization, so students can stay informed with educational resources in context.
  • Supports manual data entry and data pasting.
  • Create a log with screenshots of pages or visualizations.
  • It allows you to create pages with instructions, videos and visualizations for contextualized learning.
  • Facilitates accurate analysis of complex experiments with large volumes of data.
  • Allows documenting processes and results with screenshots, improving the review and presentation of work.
Análisis de datos en laboratorios educativos, ofreciendo herramientas avanzadas para la visualización y manejo de grandes conjuntos de datos.

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Ingenieria y Ciencias
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